Website Boosting

Professional webdesign needs quite a few know how components

Among them some are really important:

  • Memetic effects
  • Occulumotoric
  • Visual system
  • Perception Physiology
  • Perception Psychology
  • Online Color Pychology
  • Topology
  • Methodic-Didactic
  • Persuasion
  • Information Nature Pick
  • Intellectual outlay
  • Luminance
  • Reading load
  • New reading culture
  • Text design
  • Graphic-Text enhancement
  • Navigation
  • SEO
  • Creative creation of attention
  • Activation

That`s why many Websites relinquish up to 80% of their business potential.

You have three options to boost your website:

1. Quick Check

Gives you a general review of your Website

2. Boosting on the job

Online session with detailed explanations of deficits and improvements

3. Advanced Web Boosting

tarts with a fundamental briefing including

  • marketing data
  • target group psychogramm
  • tasks in marketing mix and more

Results in detailed description of web boosting

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